(American, b.1962 Mexico City - 2016 New York City)

A prolific, multi-disciplinary artist whose work is as aesthetic as it is informed by a preoccupation with societal structures. Doring’s work, whether in film, photography, or video installation, sheds light and at times a subtle humor on the details of life that our human predicaments conceal and capture a semblance of order within the chaos of daily reality. 

Born in Mexico City, and a New Yorker for over thirty years, Doring’s work is informed by his multi-cultural lens that offers his viewers a specific way of observing our everyday surroundings. During his teenage years in Mexico City he took his first photos and made his first documentary about the stark divide between rich and poor. That began a dedicated career making films, documentaries, music videos, installations, and, always, taking photographs. The camera around his neck was the constant. He studied law at Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City, Mexico, and sociology and film at Columbia University, NYC. His work in music videos earned him an MTV Music Video Award. His narrative films and documentaries earned him critical praise (Metro premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2009), and his video installations travelled internationally.